Signage tells stories. Every day and everywhere around us. It gives people idea about places and speaks about brands. It can be used in big variety of sizes, shapes and be places various locations. Inside and outside of buildings, public spaces and so on.

LM STUDIO is flexible and adaptable in different solutions for solving every kind of visibility projects.

Signage is like combination of marketing, art and architecture where possibilities are limitless. There is a lot of variety of materials, surface treatments and illumination solutions. The best way to start is to contact us and tell about your situation, goal and ideas. LM STUDIO is right place to find solution to any kind of wayfinding and visibility project.

Outdoor brand communication

lumineux lettres backlight P3 wurth

Indoor brand communications

lumineux lettres ophtalmologie montreux 2
non lumineux lettres P00 chado 2
non lumineux lettres logo derivco

Facade signage

lumineux lettres sebacom
non lumineux lettres acier brosse city

Rooftop signs

Signalétique de qualité 2

Monumental signs and totems

lumineux totem onemed
lumineux lettres frontlight P6 kiss the ground 3